GTA V – Spoilers – The Shed.

Because it's there, that's why. (Photo: YouTube)

Okay, this isn’t really a spoiler in the traditional sense. But it is since, now my first hours of GTA will be be solely devoted to finding this mystery shed and WTF is in it and not enjoying all of the beautiful things about EVERYTHING ELSE that is in the game.

The internet has been going mental, and by internet i mean Reddit. There was about 3 million posts or something related to this `mystery shed`. Let’s be honest, it’s just a shed, and there is probably absolutely nothing there but i can’t help but wonder – “what if there is something super-awesome?”. I NEED to find this shed.

The worst part is that we all think we know where it will be – Mount Chillad of course but WAIT! From what i have read/seen there is more than one mountain now and with the full scale of his map, without typing in cheats and spawning in a Heli, this could take hours to find!

Top Left.

Rockstar are awesome at trolling us to the extreme. The internet doesn’t help by fueling the fire but with significant references to aliens and “something in the woods”  in San Andreas we have no idea what is in store in  GTA V. Did anyone even find Bigfoot and prove it without adding their shocking Photoshop skills to screenshots?

I am not the only person doing this but i will be live streaming GTA V the day it comes out and what i am now calling “My Search for the Shitty Secret Shed”.

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