New Personal Blog

So, as the title of this post says, this is my new personal blog. A digital format for my thoughts, feelings and innermost irks.

IF you subscribe here for my content that was GAMING related, feel free to unsub and visit my fully fledged gaming website

The reasons for this blog are many.

The first being, anyone who works in the digital age or plans to work within a digital media sector has a personal blog, these are good places to host work, share views and connect with people you many not otherwise connect with and are considered worthwhile in these areas. This is also paramount for me to do my university work and will serve as me having an online presence (more than I already do)/

I also want somewhere I can rant that won’t clog other peoples newsfeeds with page long posts (those things really irritate me!). This is an easy streamlined way for me to broadcast my views and at least they will be presented on social media in a nice little advert style window that would otherwise be filled with page long posts that no one reads.

The final reason is simply that I like to share my views. Those of you that know me personally know that I don’t shut up and I talk a lot. I love the idea of being social. In fact, as much as I complain about it, I love social media. People can moan all they like about Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook campaigns but at the end of the day, it gets us all talking about something and even if it isn’t the same as physically socialising in public with friends, it has given a platform to those who wouldn’t/can’t do that usually, but that’s a post for another day.

So for now, enjoy my views and feel free to argue with them, share them or tell me yours.

“When you don’t talk, there’s a lot of stuff that ends up not getting said.”
Catherine Gilbert Murdock

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